INTERA - WP6 - Evaluation

This workpackage is co-ordinated by ILC.


The objectives of this workpackage are:

  1. to describe a testing scenario and a quality assessment strategy for the essential deliverables of the project;
  2. to form a user group in which the partners of the project and the centres providing data for the elaboration of multilingual resources will have to be the core;
  3. to carry out the evaluation process.

Description of Work

This workpackage is organized around two tasks.

First task
A test scenario and a quality assessment strategy have to be worked out.
In parallel, the workpackage has to establish a user group which will have to test and evaluate the integrated language resource domain, the repository interlinking, the quality of the language resources delivered and possible procedural suggestions.

Second task
At the end of the project some tests will be carried out with the goal to produce an evaluation report which will also be a subject for discussion in the final workshop of the project.