The ATLAS of Italian Digital Cultural Heritage

Tipo di progetto: European  |  Data inizio: 17/10/2023  |  Data di fine: 16/10/2025

The goal of the ATLAS is to create a knowledge graph of the international scholarly research on Italian Cultural Heritage leveraged in a Web portal that fosters users’ interpretation and engagement. The Atlas aims to collect, enrich, and provide information extracted from online resources produced in the international academic context, such as digital textual corpora and editions (mostly based on the TEI/XML standard) as well as datasets following Linked Open Data principles and databases, but also ontologies and tools adopted in the community. The ATLAS leverages existing digital heritage resources to develop an innovative system wherein scholarly projects are reused in new non-native environments.

The CNR (CNR-ILC and CNR-ISTI) research unit of Pisa will develop and maintain the backend of the ATLAS platform, including the services and the applications it provides to the end users and for the compliance with the principles of FAIRness.


Programma di Finanziamento:
A Next Generation EU funded project (PRIN 2022)

Ente Finanziatore:
European Union



Ruolo CNR-ILC:

Coordinatore progetto:
University of Bologna

Responsabile Scientifico dell'Unità di Ricerca del CNR-ILC:
Riccardo Del Gratta

Angelo Mario Del Grosso
Federico Boschetti
Noemi Terreni

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