Research Groups and Laboratories

ILC research groups and laboratories are transversal and dynamic structures with a twofold function: on the one hand, as an interface between the areas of expertise concerned and the outside world; on the other hand, as incubators of new ideas and technological outcomes based on the integration and sharing of expertise, infrastructures and technologies.

ComPhys Lab
Basic research aimed at developing computational models of the language behaviour to investigate the juncture of the grammatical expertise, the language usage and neurophysiological and psycho-cognitive correlates of the verbal communication.

CoPhi Lab
Formalization of entities and relations involved in the domain of Collaborative Philology; creation of digital resources; design and development of software components, in particular for classical languages.

ItaliaNLP Lab
Design and development of models, methods, algorithms and technologies for Natural Language Processing,  with particular emphasis on the Italian language (multi-level linguistic annotation of texts, domain–specific information extraction from documentary collections, design and development of application prototypes etc.).

LaRI Group
Optimization of the research in the field of Language Engineering and of the production cycle of language resources through the adoption of standards, the exchange of good practices for interoperability, the recycling and re-use of the available results in terms of data and tools; definition of models for the creation, representation, extension and maintenance of computational lexicons, terminological and ontological repertoires, corpora and language technologies; implementation of technological solutions for the creation of a distributed and cooperative research infrastructure aimed at establishing new functionalities of access, interoperability and sharing of language resources and tools.