TEMA Group

What we do

Study, design and development of methods and software tools for the enhancement and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage, particularly textual corpora in digital format, which are the focus of our research.
Specific research interests accompany each stage of text treatment, in particular:

  • the acquisition and conversion into standard representation formats;
  • the extraction of relevant information using different approaches and techniques;
  • the processing of information to create linguistic resources of various types (lexicons, terminology directories, glossaries, summaries/graphical views), but also to support the enhancement of text analysis systems, specifically through linguistic text annotation, and/or the recognition of implicit structures contained in the data.

Our experience in projects and collaborations has enabled us to develop competences for the implementation of protocols for recovery and conversion of texts and corpora over to international standards of representation, aimed at long-term preservation and their exploitation.



Head of the Group: Eva Sassolini
E-mail: eva.sassolini@ilc.cnr.it