Ancient Italy

Ancient Italy
Languages and cultures of ancient Italy. Historical Linguistics and digital models
Type of Project: 
Funding Body: 
Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca
Funding Programme: 
PRIN 2017 - SH5
Grant Agreement: 
CUP B54I19003220001 (Prot. 2017XJLE8J)
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Role of ILC: 
Project Coordinator: 
Università "Ca' Foscari" Venezia (UNIVE)
Project Chair: 
Anna Marinetti (UNIVE)
ILC Research Unit Chair: 
Cesare Zavattari

The project will investigate the cultures of ancient Italy on the basis of their linguistic documentation, also by using technological tools developed for this purpose.

The method of historical linguistics and its products (study, edition and linguistic, historical and cultural commentary on the texts) will be combined with the setting up of digital technologies.

The synergy between historical and computational linguistics, philology, traditional and digital epigraphy will allow significant progress in analysis, interpretation and valorisation of the results.

Considering the epigraphic nature of the documentation of these languages, computational processing of the texts will make it possible to exploit them in an interdisciplinary perspective.

The research objectives are the edition and commentary of significant texts and the creation of digital tools for integrating data and results: a corpus of the texts managed in a digital archive containing the relative information and an electronic lexicon – tools never employed before for Restsprachen.

The use of CRMinf and CRMtex for the semantic representation of the texts and their interpretation will be tested.

Thesaurus and digital texts will be made available via the European RI CLARIN and DARIAH to share and valorise the results.