It is an online dialect resource that gives access to the entire corpus of linguistic data collected for the Tuscan Lexical Atlas – ALT (software used: DBT). The resource consists of interviews conducted in 224 locations in Tuscany with contributions from 2,193 informants.


It is an online query system to ItalWordNet (the Italian WordNet), an updated version of the Italian database of EuroWordNet. The ItalWordNet database was produced under the Italian national program called “SI-TAL.” It contains a total of 49,360 synsets.


It is a WordNet for Ancient Greek (still under development), created in collaboration with the Perseus project (Tufts University, Medford, MA) and linked with other WordNets (Princeton WordNet, ItalWordNet, etc.).

LemLat Online

It is a Web application that provides a complite morphological analysis of Latin inflectional forms.