Progetto RUT

Progetto RUT

Type of project: National  |  Start date: 12/10/2022  |  End date: 11/10/2027

The main objective of the RUT project consists in the creation of specialized multilingual computational lexicons, where Italian – which plays a central role – will be related with languages representing the different linguistic-typological areas. The ultimate goal is the establishment of a permanent and continuously updated Italian Observatory of Multilingualism: a database, formalized according to state-of-the-art technologies of computational terminology, which will allow, through sophisticated queries and ad hoc navigation methods, to study and understand relationships and exchanges with other cultures and languages that have come into contact with the Italian people throughout history.

The modelling of languages that are typologically different from Indo-European will make it possible to integrate the models on which computational lexicons are based nowadays, and which almost exclusively take into consideration the morpho-syntactic characteristics of the languages belonging to the so-called Standard Average European. In addition, the creation of such multilingual lexicons will allow the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud to be enriched with resources dedicated also to less-resourced languages. In parallel with the development of the multilingual and multicultural termino-ontological resources, technological and scientific objectives will be pursued which envisage advances in terms of models and tools for text annotation, representation and manipulation of lexicons and knowledge.

The resulting digital resources (lexicons and texts) and software tools will be made available to the entire scientific and non-scientific community through CLARIN-IT, the Italian node of CLARIN, the European Research Infrastructure for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

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Fondazione RUT


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Silvia Piccini

Emiliano Giovannetti
Andrea Bellandi
Simone Marchi
Enrico Carniani
Giuliana Elisabeth Vilela Ruiz