Type of project: National  |  Start date: 24/05/2024  |  End date: 23/09/2026

The project aims to examine religious discrimination in textual media in depth, with a focus on news and social content. The aim is to understand the dynamics behind religious fundamentalism, with a focus on the Middle East and Europe.

The comparative approach will reveal similarities and differences in religious discrimination, assessing the socio-cultural conditions favourable to fundamentalism. The places of origin of fundamentalism will be analysed, identifying areas of settlement and socio-economic dynamics involved.

Through linguistic analysis, the project aims to develop measures against religious discrimination and to address the roots of fundamentalism. Understanding the processes of hate speech creation and propagation is crucial to counter the normalisation of hate in public discourse.

A multimodal analysis of media channels will be conducted, examining semiotic resources and meanings conveyed. The ultimate goal is to outline moderation practices in social media and political strategies to promote diversity and peaceful coexistence, contributing to a more inclusive and tolerant society.


Funding body:
PTTB Scarl, Fondazione Rut


CNR-ILC role:

CNR-ILC Research Unit Chair:
Emiliano Giovannetti

Noemi Terreni