The new CNR-ILC website is now online

The new institutional website of the Cnr-Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “Antonio Zampolli” is now online with many new features, starting with the logo.

The graphics and architecture have been totally renewed to make the site suitable for every device and to improve the browsing experience.

Main new features

On the new site it is now possible to consult the new pages related to the initiatives of the Institute for Open Science and the Third Mission and to find news and information on research lines, laboratories, research groups, projects and activities of CNR-ILC.

In order to offer support to students and others, the sections dedicated to higher education and the world of education have been revamped. In the first one, it is possible to view and download degree and doctoral theses for which the Institute’s staff has carried out supervision and/or co-supervision. The School page presents methods, tools and techniques developed by CNR-ILC for teaching, learning and digital school publishing.

The Library page of the Activities section provides useful information on the catalogues of the CNR-ILC library, which contains over 6,000 volumes published from the post World War II period to the present day.

In the Research section, there is a page dedicated to the presentation of the main scientific events in the field of Computational Linguistics, for many of which the Institute has collaborated over the years as organiser and/or co-organiser.

Regarding the contents, among the new features there is also the new Press and Media section, with useful information for journalists and the Locations page, with directions to easily reach the three CNR-ILC locations.

The homepage includes direct links to CLARIN-IT and ILC4CLARIN. CLARIN-IT is the Italian node of CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure), which makes digital language resources available to scholars and researchers of all disciplines. ILC4CLARIN is a CLARIN Service Provision Centre that provides language services and a repository for the storage and preservation of data from the Humanities and Social Sciences community.

From the home page it is also possible to access the Institute’s Linkedin profile and YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to in order to keep up to date with the Institute’s activities.

Promoting dialogue

Since its foundation, CNR-ILC has been promoting scientific and technological development in the strategic areas of Computational Linguistics and aims to:

  • develop innovative research strands with positive impact in strategic sectors such as Education and Training, Justice, Health and Cultural Heritage;
  • initiate new projects to respond to the changes taking place in society, as well as in the specific scientific-disciplinary field.

The institute aims to offer rapid answers to the new emerging needs of society by promoting a continuous dialogue between the world of research and all stakeholders: public administration, SMEs and industry, the third sector, citizens, etc.