EpiLexO: a Web platform to support studies of historical linguistics and ancient cultures

In-house seminar

In this talk we describe the development of the EpiLexO Web platform, a collaborative system for the creation and/or update of an ecosystem of interconnected and operable language resources for ancient and historical languages. The platform is developed in the context of the PRIN project “Languages ​​and Cultures of Ancient Italy”, dedicated to the study of languages ​​of fragmentary attestation from the pre-Roman era. In addition to the creation/extension of historical lexicons, the platform allows the coding of links between lexical elements, their attestations in inscriptions, bibliographic references and external resources, in order to publish an ecosystem of linked linguistic data. Finally, we will mention how the back-end solutions on which the application rests can be exploited in different scenarios and use cases.

Speaker(s): Michele Mallia

He holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities at the University of Pisa in 2018 with a thesis on the design of a virtual museum and an augmented reality mobile application exploiting open content present in external databases. After his graduation he worked as a front-end programmer in the private sector. Since September 2020 he has been a research fellow at the Institute for Computational Linguistics “A. Zampolli” of the National Research Council of Italy under the supervision of Dr Valeria Quochi. His activity fits into the context of the project PRIN “Languages ​​and Cultures of Ancient Italy: historical linguistics e digital models” and CLARIN-IT. In particular, he deals with the creation of a Web platform for the management of lexicons linked to other datasets developed using front-end technologies for Web development and SOA architectures.