Michele Mallia

Qualification: Technologist

Group: LaRI Group

Venue: Pisa

E-mail: michele.mallia@ilc.cnr.it

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2024 - Book chapters
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Mallia M., Bandini M., and Quochi V. (2024) “An interface for linking ancient languages”, Proceedings of the CLaDA-BG 2023 Conference: Language Technologies and Digital Humanities: Resources and Applications (LTaDH-RA), Sofia, Bulgaria, 10-12 May 2023, Simov K. and Osenova P. (eds.), published by CEUR-WS. org (Aachen, DEU), pp. 1-12.
2022 - Conference papers
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Quochi V., Bellandi A., Khan F., Mallia M., Murano F., Piccini S., Rigobianco L., Tommasi A., and Zavattari C. (2022) “From Inscriptions to Lexica and Back: A Platform for Editing and Linking the Languages of Ancient Italy”, Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA 2022), ISBN 979-10-95546-78-8, Second Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA 2022), Marseille, France, 25/06/2022, Sprugnoli R. and Passarotti M. (eds.), published by European language resources association (ELRA) (Paris, FRA), pp. 59-67.
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Quochi V., Bellandi A., Mallia M., Tommasi A., and Zavattari C. (2022) “Supporting Ancient Historical Linguistics and Cultural Studies with EpiLexO”, CLARIN Annual Conference Proceedings 2022, CLARIN Annual Conference 2022, Prague, Czechia, 10-12/10/2022, Erjavec T. and Eskevich M. (eds.), vol. ISSN 2773-2177, pp. 39-43.
2022 - Conference contributions
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Marinetti A., Murano F., Quochi V., Ballerini M., Boschetti F., Del Grosso A. M., Piccini S., Rigobianco L., Solinas P., Zinzi M., Mallia M., and Middei E. (2022) “Challenges in Encoding Fragmentary Attested Languages”, XVI Congresso Internazionale di Epigrafia greca e latina, Bordeaux, 29 agosto-settembre 2022.
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