Past Seminars

ILC promotes activities of study and divulgation of the scientific research in the sectors of interest through a series of meetings with a prevailingly interdiciplinary nature.

ILC Scientific Committee for Seminars organizes activities broken down into:

  • Study Days
    Lessons held by external experts and internal short presentations, prevailingly connected to national and international projects ongoing at the Institute. These meetings are open to the public, but for logistical reasons a notification of participation is required to the address two days before the events.
  • Thematic Seminars
    Seminars on specific themes, prevailingly interdisciplinary, and discussion of scientific papers.
  • Webinars
    Videoconferences with experts. Connection modalities will be described at the moment of the announcement of the events.
  • Brown Bags
    Informal internal seminars to discuss the critical points of ongoing works (talks, papers, MA and PhD theses, etc.).