Research at ILC is conducted within a vast and consolidated network of national and international collaborations with research institutes, universities, public bodies and industries.

These collaborations, which extend geographically across countries in four continents, have been developed and consolidated within the framework of projects, agreements of scientific collaboration as well as other types of initiatives. Numerous and variegated collaborations have also been set up within the CNR scientific network.

Owing to the very nature of Computational Linguistics and to its specific pervasive character, the collaborations that ILC has activated in the course of the years comprise different knowledge domains.

Since its origins, ILC has been engaged in numerous collaborations with both large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as national and multinational companies (including  Zanichelli, Vodafone, IBM, Microsoft, META s.r.l., SyNTHEMA, Noema Life, Loquendo, Google), aimed at the technological transfer of competences and at the creation of language resources and technologies.