LCRMM Plan – Project no. 1

Plan "Computational Linguistics: Monolingual and Multilingual Research" - "Coordination of the Plan"

Type of project: National  |  Start date: 02/02/2000  |  End date: 01/02/2003

The objective of the Project no. 1 was to ensure the necessary coordination among the other 7 projects of the Plan and the activities of the Plan, to define specifications ensuring the interoperability of language resources and their consistency with international standards and to promote their usability.

Even though the various projects were contractually independent, the executing partners were aware of the interrelations requiring appropriate forms of technical and organizational connection, and therefore agreed on the need for a general framework of coordination.

The design and planning of the activities of the Project no. 1 took into account in particular the following main tasks:

  • to ensure the scientific and technical consistency among the various resources, both in the initial stages of definition of the results and formulation of scientific and technical specifications, and in the course of the work, in case completions or modifications of the latter were necessary or appropriate;
  • to monitor the implementation, progress and development status of the executive projects, in order to identify any possible emerging criticality in the implementation of the Plan and, in particular, to evaluate the consequences of any possible change in the times of implementation compared to the interaction among the projects, especially in the cases in which the partial results of a project had to be used by other projects;
  • to promote synergies and interactions among the projects, favoring, for instance, the circulation of information, the management of feedback, the use of the know-how and technical progress achieved in a project from other projects etc.: in particular, to ensure the interaction and coherence among actions carried out in different projects but converging towards a single specific objective;
  • to define the actions of validation of the results, especially when, by their nature, they had to be carried out outside the respective project, and organize the presentation of the results so that they could be easily used by both evaluators and potential users;
  • to take care of relationships among the Plan, the national community and the international community, by organizing appropriate joint initiatives of information, promotion and awareness, by facilitating the exchange of results with other Italian and EU projects and by promoting relationships with potential users for the dissemination and use of results;
  • to take care of the relationship with the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research (MURST): in particular, to submit the necessary reports (semestrial progress reports, annual financial reports etc.).

LCRMM Plan - Project no. 1

Funding programme:
Legge 488/92, Cluster C18

Funding body:
Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica


Project coordinator:
Consorzio Pisa Ricerche

Nicoletta Calzolari Zamorani
Paola Baroni