Keywords for Language Learning for Young and adults alike

Type of project: European  |  Start date: 01/11/2009  |  End date: 31/03/2012

KELLY aimed at developing language learning word cards with a language’s most frequent words corresponding to the European Framework.

It was developed for nine languages important for trade and associated countries, both LWUTL (Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Polish) and MWUTL (Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian and Italian), as a complementary learning material.

The most frequent words were developed in cooperation with lexical computational centers in each language’s country.

The project refined existing frequency lists and adapted them to the Framework.

The project allocated words to both the Framework six levels and to KELLY thematic classification in fifteen subject categories (Food & Drink, Nature & Animals etc.).

Visualized schematically in KELLY Syllabus, the project allowed teachers to deal with words systematically.

Corresponding to all six levels of the Framework, the project ensured target group flexibility.

Young and adults, beginners to advanced alike, could easily set clear aims, plan studies accordingly and control one’s progress.

The project was evaluated while in use by students in upper secondary schools and adult education.

Results were promoted on a Web page, in media and at conferences/seminars.


Funding programme:
Lifelong Learning Programme

Funding body:
European Commission

Grant agreement:
2009-4167/001-001 (Reference: 505630-LLP-1-2009-1-SE-KA2-KA2MP)


CNR-ILC role:

Paola Baroni
Francesca Strik Lievers