European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies

Type of project: European  |  Start date: 01/08/2002  |  End date: 31/05/2004

The main objective of ELSNET-4 is to continue to advance Human Language Technologies by means of the operation of a network – ELSNET – encompassing a cross-section of private and public research centres actively engaged in research, development, integration or deployment. The network currently comprises 134 organisations in 27 countries, including the major players of Europe.

The network’s collective knowledge and expertise form the basis of a number of actions and services aiming at improving Europe’s competitive position and at increasing awareness and take-up of Human Language Technologies. Activities are designed to have an impact both within and outside the network and both during and after the lifetime of the project.

ELSNET positions itself in an international context, both in relation to Northern America and the Far East, and to Central and Eastern European and Mediterranean countries.

The work is focused around four main themes:

  • Training
    through summer schools and other training events and the operation of a Web directory of training opportunities and resources;
  • Roadmapping
    technological roadmaps for priority subareas of Human Language Technologies;
  • Information Dissemination
    through a Web site for exchange of knowledge and expertise, a directory of experts, electronic mailing lists and a quarterly newsletter;
  • Language Resources, Standards and Evaluation
    a roadmap for resources, internationalization initiatives and the production of a map of the international resources landscape.


Funding programme:
5th Framework Programme

Funding body:
European Commission

Grant agreement:


CNR-ILC role:

Project coordinator:
Università degli Studi di Pisa

Paola Baroni
Nicoletta Calzolari Zamorani
Alessandro Lenci