CIP – Corpus of Italian language for Preschoolers

Corpus of Italian language for Preschoolers. Lexicon directed to Italian preschool children from 3 to 6 years collected from heterogeneous sources in Italian and Italian Sign Language

Type of project: National  |  Start date: 05/10/2023  |  End date: 04/10/2025

The CIP – Corpus of Italian language for Preschoolers project aims to create resources for the study of vocabulary in the Italian language and Italian sign language for preschool children. At the end of the project, the resources will include a language corpus, the tools needed to access and extract information from it and a sample dictionary.

The data underlying the corpus are collected through observation of a variety of contexts and situations, including adult-child interactions, children’s books, cartoons and other media.

The CNR-ILC unit will deal with the identification of written sources, their transcription and lemmatization.

CIP - Corpus of Italian language for Preschoolers

Funding programme:
Progetti di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN). Next Generation EU, PNRR -M4C2 - Investment 1.1

Funding body:

Grant agreement:
2022NPXYHH_PRIN 2022_SH4


CNR-ILC role:

Project coordinator:
Pasquale Rinaldi, CNR-ISTC

CNR-ILC Research Unit Chair:
Davide Chiarella

Paola Cutugno
Alessandra Cinini
Chiara Bolognesi
Noemi Terreni