Valorizzazione della castagna attraverso itinerari naturali e culturali sostenibili

Type of project: European  |  Start date: 01/03/2024  |  End date: 28/02/2027

The CASTOUR project aims at the development of an emerging and sustainable tourism in the cross-border area, through the valorisation of environmental routes and of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage linked to chestnut cultivation.

More specifically, this project supports actions aimed at:

  • promoting, by means of a coordinated and joint action, the creation of a cross-border itinerary to enrich and enhance the environmental and cultural heritage of the area linked to chestnut cultivation in order to stimulate the tourist flow;
  • enhancing the usability of a sustainable tourist offer represented by small businesses and associations linked to chestnut growing and its products, also through the provision and improvement of physical and digital infrastructures;
  • making the itinerary as accessible and inclusive as possible by resorting to innovative digital tools in terms of content and design, as they are also aimed at users with motor, visual and hearing disabilities.

In order to achieve the expected results, multimedia and multilingual dissemination tools will also be developed to disseminate traditions and in general the intangible cultural heritage among the areas concerned, as well as the development of a joint action plan to upgrade paths and routes, offering visitors an immersive and sensorial experience and to raise awareness of the economic and tourist value of nut-growing of nut-growing and forest protection, so as to induce protective actions by the environmental protection authorities.

A systematic capacity-building action will also be promoted, involving all local players (organisations,companies, citizens, and especially young people), facilitating the emergence of real “Ambassadors” as fundamental levers for the sustainability of the project even beyond its natural duration.


Funding programme:
I Avviso del Programma Italia-Francia Marittimo 2021 - 2027

Funding body:
European Union

Grant agreement:
CUP B57H23004070006


CNR-ILC role:

Project coordinator:
Provincia di Lucca

CNR-ILC Research Unit Chair:
Paola Cutugno

Davide Chiarella
Alessandra Cinini
Noemi Terreni