Augmented RealTIme Learning for Secure workspace

Type of project: Regional  |  Start date: 02/10/2017  |  End date: 09/10/2020

ARTILS is a platform for augmented and virtualized reality that, adding a level of information to the virtualized real context and thanks to dynamic models and simulations, is aimed at helping the work of technicians in building sites or industrial plants.

ARTILS wants to allow professionals access to all intangible information (what and where: floor plans, equipment temperature, safety status, risks etc.) and procedural information (how to intervene: by activating training modules and interactive manuals on the basis of the operational need for intervention) in order to optimize industrial processes and ensure a greater safety in workplaces.

The challenge of ARTILS is to bring together and combine the theme “safety and health in workplaces” with the theme “competitiveness”, transforming what is nowadays perceived as a mere fulfillment (and a cost) in an enabling factor to improve production and skills.

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Funding body:
Regione Toscana (POR CreO FESR 2014-2020 - Linea 1.1.4 - Azione 1.1.5 - Sub-azione a1 - Bando 2)

Grant agreement:
CUP D51B18000360009


CNR-ILC role:

Project coordinator:
01 SISTEMI S.r.l.

CNR-ILC Research Unit Chair:
Felice Dell'Orletta

Roberto Bartolini
Marcello Ferro
Valeria Quochi
Noemi Terreni