Paolo Picchi

Qualification: Technical and Administrative staff

Venue: Pisa

Room: 15

Telephone: +39 050 315 2862


Voip contact:

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2014 - Conference papers
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Boschetti F., Cimino A., Dell'Orletta F., Lebani G. E., Passaro L., Picchi P., Venturi G., Montemagni S., and Lenci A. (2014) “Computational Analysis of Historical Documents: An Application to Italian War Bulletins in World War I and II”, Proceedings of workshop on Language resources and technologies for processing and linking historical documents and archives-Deploying Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage-LREC 2014, 26 May, Reykjavik, Iceland, LREC 2014, Reykjavik, 26 May, published by European language resources association (ELRA) (Paris, FRA), pp. 70-75.
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