Mario Merone

Qualification: Associate Personnel

Venue: Pisa

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2022 - Journal articles
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Bacco L., Russo F., Ambrosio L., D'Antoni F., Vollero L., Vadala G., Dell'Orletta F., Merone M., Papalia R., and Denaro V. (2022) “Natural language processing in low back pain and spine diseases: A systematic review”, Frontiers in surgery, ISSN 2296-875X, published by Frontiers Media (Lausanne, Svizzera), vol. 9.
2021 - Journal articles
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Bacco L., Cimino A., Dell'Orletta F., and Merone M. (2021) “Explainable sentiment analysis: A hierarchical transformer-based extractive summarization approach”, Electronics (Basel), ISSN 2079-9292, published by MDPI (Basel), vol. 10.
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