Anas Fahad Khan

Qualification: Researcher

Group: LaRI Group

Venue: Pisa

Room: 6

Telephone: +39 050 315 2864


Voip contact:

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2023 - Book chapters
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Boschetti F., Bambaci L., Del Grosso A. M., Mugelli G., Khan A. F., Bellandi A., and Taddei A. (2023) “Collaborative and Multidisciplinary Annotations of Ancient Texts: The Euporia System”, The Ancient World Goes Digital, ISBN 9789004527119, Juloux V. B., Di Ludovico A., and Matskevich S. (eds.), published by Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden, NLD), vol. 6, pp. 172-223.
2021 - Journal articles
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Mugelli G., Boschetti F., Bellandi A., Del Gratta R., Khan A. F., and Taddei A. (2021) “Annotating ritual in ancient greek tragedy: A bottom-up approach in action”, Digital humanities quarterly, ISSN 1938-4122, published by Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations ([Providence, RI?], Stati Uniti d'America), vol. 15, 17 pages.
2021 - Conference contributions
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Frontini F. and Khan A. F. (2021) “Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo di FAIR?”, AIUCD 2021-DH per la società: e-guaglianza, par-tecipazione, diritti e valori nell'era digitale. Raccolta degli abstract estesi della 10a conferenza nazionale, Pisa, 2021, ISBN 9788894253559, AIUCD 2021-DH per la società: e-guaglianza, partecipazione, diritti e valori nell'era digitale, 19-22/01/2021, Del Grosso A. M., Boschetti F., and Salvatori E. (eds.), pp. 19-24.
2018 - Conference papers
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Monachini M. and Khan A. F. (2018) “Towards the Construction of a Lexical Data and Technology Ecosystem: The Experience of ILC-CNR”, Proceedings of the LREC 2018 Workshop "Globalex 2018-Lexicography & WordNets", ISBN 979-10-95546-28-3, LREC 2018 Workshop "Globalex 2018-Lexicography & WordNets, Miyazaki, Japan, 7-12/05/2018, Kernerman I. and Krek S. (eds.), published by European Language Resources Association ELRA (Paris, FRA), pp. 52-54.
2017 - Conference contributions
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Bellandi A., Boschetti F., Khan A. F., Del Grosso A. M., and Monachini M. (2017) “Provando e riprovando modelli di dizionario storico digitale: collegare voci, citazioni, interpretazioni”, AIUCD 2017 Conference, AIUCD 2017 Conference & 3rd EADH Day, Roma, Università "Sapienza", 24-28 January 2017, pp. 119-125.
2016 - Conference papers
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Khan A. F., Bellandi A., and Monachini M. (2016) “Tools and Instruments for Building and Querying Diachronic Computational Lexica”, ISBN 978-4-87974-708-2, Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanities (LT4DH 2016), Osaka, Japan, December 11-16, 2016, pp. 164-171.
2014 - Conference contributions
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Boschetti F., Del Grosso A. M., Khan A. F., Lamé M., and Nahli O. (2014) “A top-down approach to the design of components for the philological domain”, Digital Humanities 2014-Book of Abstracts, DH2014, Lausanne, 8-12 july 2014.
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