Call for n. 1 Post-Graduate Fellowship – ILC.ASS.006.2024.PI

Call for n. 1 Post-Graduate Fellowship within the PNRR M4C2 research project (PNRR M4C2 – Investimento 1.1 _Progetti di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale – PRIN 2022 codice progetto 2022YKJ8FP_SH4_PRIN2022 – Vito Pirrelli -ReMind: an ecological, cost-effective Al platform for early detection of prodromal stages of cognitive impairment– Settore SH4 – finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU – CUP B53D23014900006).

Activities: design and application of protocols for the collection and analysis of verbal productions in a sample of subjects with mild-to-moderate cognitive decline and control subjects.

Location: CNR-ILC, Pisa

Duration: 12 months

Unit of personnel: n. 1 personnel unit


Expiration date: 12/03/24