Call for n. 1 Post-Graduate Fellowship – ILC.ASS.002.2024.PI

Call for n. 1 Post-Graduate Fellowship within the 2022BNE97C_SH4_PRIN2022 “LODE – The Language Of Dreams: the relationship between sleep mentation, neurophysiology, and neurological disorders” and 2022ALBSWX_SH1_PRIN2022 “Teaming up with social artificial agent” project – funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

Activities: Design, development, and validation of information extraction and linguistic profiling systems based on Natural Language Processing algorithms. These systems will primarily be employed for the analysis and automatic classification of verbal reports concerning dream experiences, both in healthy individuals and those with neurological disorders. In parallel, innovative approaches will be explored to define models of human-machine interaction based on Question Answering systems, with the aim of optimizing the performance of an artificial agent in handling complex tasks, with particular attention to maintaining social cohesion and managing emotions.

Location: CNR-ILC, Pisa

Duration: 12 months

Unit of personnel: n. 1 personnel unit


Expiration date: 26/02/24