Humanities and Cultural Heritage Italian Open Science Cloud
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European Union & Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca
Funding Programme: 
NextGenerationEU & PNRR "Italia Domani" - Missione 4 - Componente 2 - Linea di Investimento 3.1 - Azione 3.1.1
Grant Agreement: 
Decreto Direttoriale MUR n. 112 del 20 giugno 2022 - Concessione del Finanziamento al Progetto "Humanities and cultural Heritage Italian Open Science" (Codice Identificativo "IR0000029" - Area ESFRI “Social and Cultural Innovation”) | CUP B63C22000730005
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Project Coordinator: 
Emiliano Degl’Innocenti (CNR-OVI)
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In consideration of the role attributed by the European Commission to Research Infrastructures for the development of the European Research Area and following the recommendations of linking the national agendas to the ESFRI Roadmap, elaborating national plans for an harmonised approach towards investments and use of Research Infrastructures, H2IOSC will support the implementation of a coherent strategy for Research Infrastructures development and integration in Italy, optimizing the use of the most relevant assets, upgrading and implementing the facilities, as a result of needs arising from the reference communities, gathered through a comprehensive assessment and prioritisation work.
H2IOSC aims at creating a federated and inclusive cluster of Research Infrastructures in the ESFRI domain of Social and Cultural Innovation to allow researchers from various disciplines in the Humanities, Language Technologies and Cultural Heritage sectors collaborate in data and compute intensive research.
The H2IOSC services will address the needs of most disciplines in the Science spectrum and beyond.
H2IOSC will elaborate a set of priorities to plan the onboarding process in the integrated environment and each participating Research Infrastructure will work towards reaching the maturity threshold set by the project as entry point, as a prerequisite for the actual alignment and integration of the resources within the federation.
To promote accessibility and the FAIR approach, a one-stop, easy-entry place will be created, where users will find software, tools, datasets, services and pilot projects supporting specific needs of domain and cross-domain research.
H2IOSC will promote a data centric approach, where resources are available in an integrated environment accessible through a set of virtual and remote access methods.
H2IOSC will also foster training and engagement activities to build FAIR and Open Science skills, boost the visibility of Research Infrastructures at the national and international levels, create new profiles (e.g.: data stewards, data curators) supporting data-driven research and the digital transformation of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries.

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