Anas Fahad Khan

Research Fellow
LaRI Group
+39 050 315 2864
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2018 - Conference papers
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Monachini M. and Khan A. F. (2018) “Towards the Construction of a Lexical Data and Technology Ecosystem: The Experience of ILC-CNR”, Proceedings of the LREC 2018 Workshop "Globalex 2018-Lexicography & WordNets", ISBN 979-10-95546-28-3, LREC 2018 Workshop "Globalex 2018-Lexicography & WordNets, Miyazaki, Japan, 7-12/05/2018, Kernerman I. and Krek S. (eds.), published by European Language Resources Association ELRA, Paris (Francia), pp. 52-54.
2017 - Conference contributions
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Bellandi A., Boschetti F., Khan A. F., Del Grosso A. M., and Monachini M. (2017) “Provando e riprovando modelli di dizionario storico digitale: collegare voci, citazioni, interpretazioni”, AIUCD 2017 Conference, AIUCD 2017 Conference & 3rd EADH Day, Roma, Università "Sapienza", 24-28 January 2017, pp. 119-125.
2016 - Conference papers
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Khan A. F., Bellandi A., and Monachini M. (2016) “Tools and Instruments for Building and Querying Diachronic Computational Lexica”, ISBN 978-4-87974-708-2, Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanities (LT4DH 2016), Osaka, Japan, December 11-16, 2016, pp. 164-171.
2014 - Conference contributions
Boschetti F., Del Grosso A. M., Khan A. F., Lamé M., and Nahli O. (2014) “A top-down approach to the design of components for the philological domain”, Digital Humanities 2014-Book of Abstracts, DH2014, Lausanne, 8-12 july 2014.
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