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Session 1

  • Antti Arppe, Jordan Lachler, Trond Trosterud, Lene Antonsen and Sjur N. Moshagen, Basic Language Resource Kits for Endangered Languages: A Case Study of Plains Cree
  • George Dueñas and Diego Gómez, Building Bilingual Dictionaries for Minority and Endangered Languages with Mediawiki
  • Dorothee Beermann, Tormod Haugland, Lars Hellan, Uwe Quasthoff, Thomas Eckart and Christoph Kuras, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in the Work with African Languages
  • Nikki Adams and Michael Maxwell, Somali Spelling Corrector and Morphological Analyzer

Session 2

Poster Session

  • Sebastian Stüker, Gilles Adda, Martine Adda-Decker, Odette Ambouroue, Laurent Besacier, David Blachon, Hélène Bonneau-Maynard, Elodie Gauthier, Pierre Godard, Fatima Hamlaoui, Dmitry Idiatov, Guy-Noel Kouarata, Lori Lamel, Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso, Markus Müller, Annie Rialland, Mark Van de Velde, François Yvon and Sabine Zerbian, Innovative Technologies for Under-Resourced Language Documentation: The BULB Project
  • Dirk Goldhahn, Maciej Sumalvico and Uwe Quasthoff, Corpus Collection for Under-Resourced Languages with More than One Million Speakers
  • Dewi Bryn Jones and Sarah Cooper, Building Intelligent Digital Assistants for Speakers of a Lesser-Resourced Language
  • Justina Mandravickaite and Michael Oakes, Multiword Expressions for Capturing Stylistic Variation Between Genders in the Lithuanian Parliament
  • Richard Littauer and Hugh Paterson III, Open Source Code Serving Endangered Languages
  • Uwe Quasthoff, Dirk Goldhahn and Sonja Bosch, Morphology Learning for Zulu

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