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Accepted Papers

The LREC 2016 Workshop CCURL 2016 - Collaboration and Computing for Under-Resourced Languages - ‘Towards an Alliance for Digital Language Diversity’ will be held in Portorož, SLOVENIA, on Monday 23rd May 2016.

Below please find the list of accepted papers (in order of submission).

Accepted papers will be published in the Workshop Proceedings.




George Dueñas
Diego Gómez

Building bilingual dictionaries for minority and endangered languages with Mediawiki

Nikki Adams
Michael Maxwell

Somali Spelling Corrector and Morphological Analyzer

Delyth Prys
Mared Roberts
Gruffudd Prys

Reprinting scholarly works as e-books for under-resourced languages

Cat Kutay

Supporting Language Teaching Online

Maik Gibson

Assessing Digital Vitality: analytical and activist approaches

Dorothee Beermann
Tormod Haugland
Lars Hellan
Uwe Quasthoff
Thomas Eckart
Christoph Kuras

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in the work with African Languages

Antti Arppe
Jordan Lachler
Trond Trosterud
Lene Antonsen
Sjur Moshagen

Basic Language Resource Kits for Endangered Languages: A Case Study of Plains Cree

Martin Benjamin

Digital Language Diversity: Seeking the Value Proposition

Shay Boechler

Introducing FirstVoices




Sebastian Stüker
Gilles Adda
Martine Adda-Decker
Odette Ambouroue
Laurent Besacier
David Blachon
Hélène Maynard
Elodie Gauthier
Pierre Godard
Fatima Hamlaoui
Dmitry Idiatov
Guy-Noel Kouarata
Lori Lamel
Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso
Markus Müller
Annie Rialland
Mark Van de Velde
François Yvon
Sabine Zerbian

Innovative Technologies for Under-Resourced Language Documentation: The BULB Project

Dirk Goldhahn
Maciej Sumalvico
Uwe Quasthoff

Corpus collection for under-resourced languages with more than one million speakers

Dewi Jones
Sarah Cooper

Building Intelligent Digital Assistants for Speakers of a Lesser-Resourced Language

Justina Mandravickaite
Michael Oakes

Multiword Expressions For Capturing Stylistic Variation Between Genders In The Lithuanian Parliament

Richard Littauer
Hugh Paterson

Open Source Code Serving Endangered Languages

Uwe Quasthoff
Dirk Goldhahn
Sonja Bosch

Morphology Learning for Zulu


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