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Preliminary Recommendations

Language specific features: Contrast

Attribute Value Ir. example Ir. tag
Contrast unmarked (mo) leabhar [(my) book] NCms
marked (mo) leabharsa [(my) book] NCmsC

Common nouns may carry a suffix to intensify the value of the Person attribute of a preceding pronominal determiner. (See the classification of possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives as determiners.) The suffix, like the determiner, is declined for person, number and, in the third person, gender. ``Mo leabharsa'' would be similar to the English ``my book'' with a contrastive intonational emphasis on the `my'. However, if intonational emphasis is used in Irish, it must fall on the noun, `leabhar', not on the determiner or on the contrastive suffix.

The attribute Contrast also applies to pronouns, personalised prepositions and composite (verb-pronoun) forms of the verb.