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Adjective phrase (ADJP)

An adjective phrase may consist of an adjective, or a sequence of words in which an adjective is the head of the phrase, as shown in 47 to 50 below.

(47)  [NP his [ADJP surprisingly thick and hairy ADJP] wrists NP]
(48)  [NP some [ADJP [ADJP wholly unanticipated ADJP] but [ADJP remotely possible ADJP] ADJP] event NP]
(49)  [S [NP His speeches NP] [VP are [ADVP always ADVP] [ADJP too long [PP for comfort PP] ADJP] VP] S]
(50)  [AUX have AUX] [NP you NP] [VP found [NP something [ADJP suitable [PP for [NP your needs NP] PP] ADJP] NP] VP] ?