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Adverb phrase (ADVP)

An adverb phrase may consist of an adverb, or a sequence of words in which an adverb is the head of the phrase. Adverb phrases may function as adverbials, as in 41:

(41)  [NP Her beautiful white hat NP] [VP was [ADVP very nearly ADVP] ruined VP]
or as modifiers of adjectives, as in 42:
(42)  [NP Il NP] [VP parle [ADVP infiniment plus couramment ADVP] VP]
or noun phrases, as in 43:
(43)  [NP They NP] [VP let [NP me NP] [VP speak VP] [ADVP now and then ADVP] VP]
or as the complement of a preposition, as in 44:
(44)  [ADVP Strangely enough ADVP] , [NP we NP] [VP received [NP a reply NP] [NP the next day NP] VP]
Other examples:

(45)  [NP The book NP] [VP is [ADVP right here ADVP] VP]
(46)  [ADVP Como [NP resultado [PP de [NP esa trama NP] PP] NP] ADVP] [VP no se lleva [PP a cabo PP] [NP ninguna acción NP] VP]