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Preliminary Recommendations


This feature is treated within the EDEMD and within traditional Danish dictionaries as defective inflectional patterns like singularia tantum and pluralia tantum, as a parallel to countability, i.e. non-countable or mass words like `maelk' (`milk'), `vand' (`water'), and a number of deverbal nouns like `drift' (`drift') are non-countable and also singularia tantum. Those words do not have a plural form. On the other hand, words like `penge' (`money') only have a plural form, which is also marked in the dictionaries mentioned above. The tags below are examples of the EUROTRA encoding, and they are values of the attribute sub-category of nouns in the lexicon. Other useful tags would be `count' and `non-count' as values in the lexicon for the attribute Countability. The corpus tagger will recognise the inflected forms occurring in the corpus.

Attribute Value Da. example Da. tag
Countability singulare tantum (en) kulde sb_singtant
plurale tantum penge sb_plutant