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Preliminary Recommendations


IBMF Tagset features not applicable in EAGLES

In the IBMF tagset, it has been found useful for disambiguation purposes to refine the proper noun class into subclasses. It can be noted that some of these classes bear gender/number information.

Tag Meaning Examples
XFAMIL family name Smith, Dupont
XPAYFP country name, (les) Seychelles
XPAYFS country name, fem.sing. (la) France
XPAYFP country name, (les) U.S.A.
XPAYFP country name, masc.sing. (le) Danemark
XPREF christian name, fem. Mary, Marie
XPREM christian name, masc. John, Jean
XSOC company name Olivetti, IBM
XVILLE city name Paris, Pise