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Preliminary Recommendations


There seems to be a discrepancy concerning this feature: Case does not appear in the GENELEX and AlethDic models amongst the features for Nouns, owing to their monolingual French-based orientation.

As already discussed in NERC (see Monachini & Östling (1992b)), the values proposed under Case are not mutually disjunctive: rather, some of them overlap (see Introductory part 2.3). Given this overlapping, the following points have to be made:

The relationship between the values, as far as it can be derived from their use in the analysed tagsets, is illustrated in the following tree:

It must be stressed that each language system will use its own pertinent set of values.

Oblique, discussed here as a value of the feature Case, is not pertinent to the category Noun; it is a value marked for Pronouns.