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The Language Resources Landscape
How to facilitate identification and access to Language Resources: surveys, metadata, networks etc..

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ISLE (International Standards for Language Engineering) is both the name of a project and the name of an entire set of co-ordinated activities regarding the Human Language Technology (HLT) field. ISLE acts under the aegis of the EAGLES (Expert Advisory Group for Language Engineering Standards) initiative, which has seen a successful development and a broad deployment of a number of recommendations and de facto standards.
The objective of ISO/TC 37/SC 4 is to prepare various standards by specifying principles and methods for creating, coding, processing and managing language resources, such as written corpora, lexical corpora, speech corpora, dictionary compiling and classification schemes. These standards will also cover the information produced by natural language processing components in these various domains. Standards produced by ISO/TC 37/SC 4 should particularly address the needs of industry and international trade as well as the global economy regarding multi-lingual information retrieval, across cultural technical communication and information management. The goal of ISO/TC 37/SC 4 is also to ensure that new developments in language engineering, knowledge management and information engineering satisfy the norms of international standardization for: (1) development standards and related documents to maximize the applicability of language resources; (2) relating the language resources of different kinds to their applications; (3) enhancing the application of recognized methods and tools in language resources.
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