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The Language Resources Landscape
How to facilitate identification and access to Language Resources: surveys, metadata, networks etc..

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International Coordination Committees
COCOSDA (International Committee for the Co-ordination and Standardisation of Speech Databases and Assesment Techniques) has been established to encourage and promote international interaction and cooperation in the foundation areas of Spoken Language Processing, especially for Speech Input/Output. The importance of collaboration which transcends national boundaries is increasingly recognized. This is both because of the practical and scientific value attached to systematic work which encompasses a range of languages and analytic approaches and also because of the practical need to establish common methods of performance description and quantitative comparison.
ICCWLRE (International Coordination Committee for Written Language Resources and Evaluation) provides an international forum to encourage and support international coordination and cooperation in the field of written language resources and technology assessment methodologies.
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ALRC (Asian Language Resource Committee) is responsible to (1) coordinate the activities of resource building in the region, (2) interact with international initiatives of resource building and standardization activities, and (3) make recommendations to the AFNLP (Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing) board to initiate Asian-wide cooperation of resource building and related research.
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