Accepted Papers

The LREC 2014 Workshop “CCURL 2014 - Collaboration and Computing for Under-Resourced Languages in the Linked Open Data Era” will be held in Reykjavík, ICELAND, on Monday 26th May 2014.

Below please find the list of accepted papers (in order of submission).

Accepted papers will be published in the Workshop Proceedings.



Stefan Daniel Dumitrescu
Tiberiu Boroș
Radu Ion

Crowd-Sourced, Automatic Speech-Corpora Collection – Building the Romanian Anonymous Speech Corpus
Oleg Kapanadze The Multilingual GRUG Parallel Treebank – Syntactic Annotation for Under-Resourced Languages
Katia Lida Kermanidis
Manolis Maragoudakis
Spyros Vosinakis
Crowdsourcing for the Development of a Hierarchical Ontology in Modern Greek for Creative Advertising
Delphine Bernhard Adding Dialectal Lexicalisations to Linked Open Data Resources: the Example of Alsatian
Peter Bouda
Dorothee Beermann
Implementing Annotation Graphs for Advanced Convertibility of IGT data
Martin Benjamin
Paula Radetzky
Multilingual Lexicography with a Focus on Less-Resourced Languages: Data Mining, Expert Input, Crowdsourcing, and Gamification
Riccardo Del Gratta
Francesca Frontini
Fahad Khan
Joseph Mariani
Claudia Soria
The LRE Map for Under-Resourced Languages
Thierry Declerck
Eveline Wand-Vogt
Karlheinz Mörth
Claudia Resch
Towards a Unified Approach for Publishing Regional and Historical Language Resources on the Linked Data Framework



Georg Rehm
Hans Uszkoreit
Ido Dagan
Vartkes Goetcherian
Mehmet Ugur Dogan
Coskun Mermer
Tamás Varadi
Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen
Gerhard Stickel
Meirion Prys Jones
Stefan Oeter
Sigve Gramstad

An Update and Extension of the META-NET Study “Europe’s Languages in the Digital Age”
István Endrédy Hungarian-Somali-English Online Dictionary and Taxonomy
Chantal Enguehard
Mathieu Mangeot
Computerization of African Languages-French Dictionaries
Uwe Quasthoff
Sonja Bosch
Dirk Goldhahn
Morphological Analysis for Less-Resourced Languages: Maximum Affix Overlap Applied to Zulu
Edward O. Ombui
Peter W. Wagacha
Wanjiku Ng’ang’a
InterlinguaPlus Machine Translation Approach for Under-Resourced Languages: Ekegusii & Swahili
Ronaldo Martins UNLarium: a Crowd-Sourcing Environment for Multilingual Resources
Anuschka van ´t Hooft
José Luis González Compeán
Collaborative Language Documentation: the Construction of the Huastec Corpus
Sjur Moshagen
Jack Rueter
Tommi Pirinen
Trond Trosterud
Francis M. Tyers
Open-Source Infrastructures for Collaborative Work on Under-Resourced Languages

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