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Structure of the EAGLES Guidelines

The logical structure of the EAGLES Guidelines is conveyed in visual form in the model diagram of figure 1 (here representing the Computational Lexicons WG). The Guidelines are hierarchically structured according to the different status of their parts, and divided by Working Group (WG): Text Corpora WG, Computational Lexicons WG, Evaluation WG, Computational FormalismsWG, Spoken Language WG.


Figure 1: Logical structure of EAGLES Guidelines 

Each Working Group has adopted a slightly different structure for the set of documents produced. The differences are determined by a number of factors, such as dissimilarities in the field covered, partially differing strategies of working, partially differing types of target readers/users.

All of the WG report(s) are headed by an Introduction, written by the WG Editor or Chairperson, which provides a Reader's Guide to the documents of the Working Group, similar to what we present here for the EAGLES Guidelines as a whole. The remaining set of documents is structured into a number of varying levels, tagged with one of the status labels. The lists of documents for each WG are given in the following sections.