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Logical relations of various kinds: layer (f)

This includes a variety of syntactic phenomena, such as co-referentiality (in e.g. control structures), cross-reference (or substitution), ellipsis, control, traces and syntactic discontinuity. In table 8, an example from the Penn Treebank, co-referentiality is marked by indicesgif. The subject position of the infinitive phrase to go has the same index -- 8 -- as the subject of the conditional clause (NP-SBJ-8 you).


(S (NP-SBJ You)
      (VP can
           (VP leave
                (SBAR-ADV if
                          (S (NP-SBJ-8 you)
                               (ADVP really)
                               (VP want
                                    (S (NP-SBJ *-8)
                                         (VP to
                                              (VP go)))))))))
Table 8: Marking cross-reference in the Penn Treebank