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The LREC 2014 Workshop on "Language Technology Service Platforms: Synergies, Standards, Sharing" will be held in Reykjavík, ICELAND, on Saturday 31st May 2014.

It brings together major infrastructural/coordination initiatives from all over the world.

The overall goal is to explore means by which these and other infrastructure projects can best collaborate and interoperate in order to avoid duplication of effort, fragmentation, and above all, to facilitate the use and reuse of technologies and resources distributed throughout the world.

General discussions will focus on the following questions:

  • How can the various infrastructures collaborate, in both the near and long-term future?
  • What are the steps needed in order to share both language technologies and resources?
  • How can the projects and initiatives (including not only those involved in the workshop, but also others) join forces in order to eventually create a global infrastructure for Human Language Technologies?

The goal is to leave the workshop with a resolution that:

  1. lists all active infrastructure and platform initiatives;
  2. describes the consensus of all initiatives involved in the workshop;
  3. outlines the requirements for collaboration;
  4. proposes solutions.
Preliminary Programme

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