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This Workshop is targeting all stakeholders somehow involved in Language Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages, either as users, developers, researchers, language activists or policy makers.

As such, the Workshop broadly addresses current use and usability of Language Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages.

This year, we take the opportunity of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Language and Technology Conference to analyze the influence of Language Technologies on Less-Resourced Languages over two decades.

We will particularly welcome contributions addressing the following issues.

  1. Less-Resourced Languages in the digital age
    How well are Regional/Minority/Less-Resourced Languages equipped for the digital age?
    What is the experience of speakers, what are their opportunities to act in the digital sphere by means of these languages?
    Do speakers of Regional/Minority/Less-Resourced Languages experience any kind of "unequal digital opportunity"?
    What is the impact of Language Resources and Technologies on the use and usability of Less-Resourced Languages on digital media and devices?

  2. Language Resources and Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages
    The development of Language Resources and Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages is often linked to purposes other than availability of applications for retrieving information or for enabling communication (e.g. language learning, identity-building or language reclamation).
    How often are Less-Resourced Languages targeted by applications for educational, entertainment or revitalization purposes?

  3. Less-Resourced Languages: charting the field
    What do we know about currently available Language Resources and Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages?
    How to draw a comprehensive and accurate picture?
    Who are the actors to be involved?
    What is the experience of researchers and developers?

  4. Less-Resourced Languages: rethinking the BLaRK
    The BLaRK (Basic Language Resource Kit) still proves a useful tool for planning and implementing Language Technologies for Less-Resourced Languages.
    How can it be remodeled/rethought in the light of current technological development?
    How can it be channeled into a coherent development roadmap?

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