Integrated European language data Repository Area

Type of project: European  |  Start date: 01/01/2003  |  End date: 31/12/2004

INTERA has essentially two pillars:

  • to build an integrated European language resources area by connecting international, national and regional data centres;
  • to produce new multilingual language resources.

The first goal involves the integration of a critical mass of different types of language resources with the help of metadata descriptions and the interlinking of the resulting distributed resource repository with an existing tool repository, thus enabling users to directly start suitable tools on the included resources. INTERA anticipates that this integrated and interlinked metadata description domain will facilitate the access to language resources in Europe, will help professionals in industry, the eContent business, research and education, and will increase the usage of the resources already available.

The second goal addresses the lack of quality of multilingual resources, especially for the less widely spoken languages, including Balkan ones, which are of crucial importance to the development of the eContent business. INTERA goes further ahead by developing exemplary methods for their business attractive production.

The project aims at:

  • delivering an integrated searchable and browsable European domain of metadata descriptions of language resources housed by various data centres;
  • delivering mechanisms that make it possible to immediately start a relevant tool after the user has found an interesting resource by interlinking the integrated resources repository with tools repositories;
  • making all elements and controlled vocabularies used compliant with current standards and integrating them in open terminology and RDF repositories;
  • localizing tools and descriptions to a large variety of languages;
  • producing multilingual resources for the less widely spoken languages in order to improve the eContent situation for them;
  • developing a model which helps resources producers in creating such multilingual resources in an easier and more profitable way;
  • informing a large group of language resources users of the potential of the new mechanisms and resources and stimulating their use.

Workpackages involving ILC


Funding programme:
Information Society eContent Programme

Funding body:
European Commission

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CNR-ILC role:

Monica Monachini
Claudia Soria
Eva Sassolini
Eugenio Picchi
Paolo Ruffolo