Enrico Carniani

Qualification: Research Fellow

Group: KLAB

Venue: Pisa

E-mail: enrico.carniani@ilc.cnr.it

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2023 - Technical reports
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Carniani E. and Papini M. (2023) “Maia: Una piattaforma aperta e collaborativa per la lessicografia elettronica, l'annotazione del testo e il linking testo-lessico-Consultazione e compilazione del lessico”, 13 pages.
2023 - Miscellanea
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Giovannetti E., Albanesi D., Bellandi A., Carniani E., Guidi L., Marchi S., Papini M., and Sciolette F. (2023) “Maia”.
2017 - Miscellanea
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Albanesi D., Bellandi A., Bulleri F., Carniani E., Dattilo D., Giovannetti E., Colombo M., and Papini M. (2017) “Traduco”.
2014 - Conference papers
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Bellandi A., Bellusci A., Carniani E., and Giovannetti E. (2014) “Content Elicitation: Towards a New Paradigm for the Analysis and Interpretation of Texts”, The 13th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering, Innsbruck, 17-19 febbraio 2014, Hamza M. H. (ed.), published by Acta press (Calgary, CAN).
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