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Comments and feedback

Comments and reactions to the above listed reports will be taken into account during the upcoming phase of EAGLES. We recommend that comments be sent using the Comments Cover Form appended as Appendix A. Comments should be sent -- if possible by e-mail -- to the Chief Editors and to the Working Group Editors according to the type of comments:

General comments
-- concerning the EAGLES project should be sent to the Chief Editors;
Specific technical comments
-- related to work done within one of the five working groups should be sent both to the Chief Editors and to the WG Editor of the Working Group concerned who will in turn deliver it to the appropriate member(s) of the WG.

The names and addresses of the editors and contact points are provided in Appendix B.

Final versions of those documents that have been revised in the light of feedback will become steadily available from now on. Those documents that have not been widely commented on will be revised as feedback comes in and final versions will thus appear at a later date. Interested readers should check the EAGLES ftp or WWW servers to obtain news of progress regarding availability of final versions.