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Management board

The management board is charged with overall coordination and administration; it provides a forum for scientific exchange among EAGLES organisations, supervises the working groups and endorses and promotes their results.

At present the constitution of the Board reflects a cross-section of interested European companies and academic centres, including Cap Gemini Innovation (F), Siemens Nixdorf (D), GSI ERLI (F), EUROLANG (F), Electronic Publishing Partners (D), Vocalis Ltd (UK) and the universities of Edinburgh (UK), Stuttgart (D) and Pisa (I), representing RTD projects, and also coordination bodies such as ELSNET, EACL, ESCA and FOLLI.

Prof. Ch. Rohrer (University of Stuttgart) is the current chairman and Dr. J. Peckham (Vocalis Ltd, Great Shelford) vice-chairman.

The various projects represented in the management board have agreed to provide: