Call for Participation


OntoLex 2005 - Ontologies and Lexical Resources


IJCNLP-05 Workshop


October 15, 2005 Jeju Island, South Korea





Background and Goals


The new framework of Information Society fostered the growing of the HLT area and the project of turning the World Wide Web into a machine understandable resource to access digital information (the so-called Semantic Web), posing new challenges for integrated technologies. Lexicographers, lexical semanticists and ontologists are joining forces to build innovative systems for integrating ontological knowledge with lexical and semantic resources. Important examples of this interaction are the recent works on the conceptual analysis of WordNet, and the wide use of upper ontologies in innovative international projects like EuroWordNet, SIMPLE, Balkanet, DWDSnet, etc.

OntoLex 2005 will be the fourth workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases, following OntoLex 2000, 2002, and 2004. In this workshop we want to discuss the relation between ontological knowledge and language. A special focus will be on the role of ontologies in multilingual language processing. This relation can be investigated from a number of different angles, for example:

-         what differences and similarities there are between ontologies and more traditional lexical resources such as dictionaries and wordnets;

-         how ontologies can be extracted from language corpora;

-         what role language plays in the definition and mapping of ontologies;

-         how to enrich semantic information in wordnets using formal tools;

-         how ontologies can be used to treat language in language technology applications.

Ontologies and lexical resources can benefit from each other and converge into a unified framework where semantics is provided by formally rigorous ontological and lexical information.



Registration Information


Participation is welcome and on-line registration is now open. The pre-registration deadline is August 20, while regular registration is open until September 22, 2005. On-line registration is highly recommended at the official website, If on-line registration is not available, please contact the secretariat at


OntoLex 2005 is Workshop 5 for IJCNLP05. A registration to tutorials or workshops can be made without the registration to the main conference.


The registration rate for the workshop is as below ($1= Korean Won 1,000 as of May 2005):





One-day workshop

Workshop 2,3,4 & 5

US$ 100 (Korean Won 100,000)

US$ 120 (Korean Won 120,000)


For information on accommodation, please refer to the website at



Organizing Committee

Chu-Ren Huang

Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica Taiwan (co-chair)

Alessandro Lenci

University of Pisa – Italy (co-chair)

Alessandro Oltramari

LOA-CNR– Italy (co-chair)



Program Committee

Paul Buitelaar

DFKI - Germany

Nicoletta Calzolari

ILC-CNR – Italy

Christiane Fellbaum

Princeton University - USA

Aldo Gangemi

LOA-CNR – Italy

Asanee Kawtrakul

KU – Thailand

Kiyong Lee

Korea University – Korea

Virach Sornlertlamvanich

NICT – Thailand

Takenobu Tokunaga

Tokyo Institute of Technology – Japan

Jun-Ichi Tsujii

University of Tokyo – Japan

Paola Velardi

University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Italy

Jonathan Webster

City University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Shiwen Yu

Peking University – China



Contact person


Alessandro Lenci

University of Pisa, Department of Linguistics

Via Santa Maria 36

56126 Pisa