What's New

  • CLARIN Annual Conference 2018
    (Pisa, 08-10/10/2018)
  • CCURL 2018
    3rd Workshop on Collaboration and Computing for Under-Resourced Languages
    ‘Sustaining knowledge diversity in the digital age’

    (Miyazaki, 12/05/2018)
    Workshop Co-Organizer and Co-Chair: Claudia Soria (ILC-CNR)
  • MultilingualBIO
    Workshop on 'Multilingual Biomedical Text Processing'
    (Miyazaki, 08/05/2018)
    Workshop Co-Organizer: Monica Monachini (ILC-CNR)
  • GLOBALEX 2018
    Workshop on 'Lexicography and WordNets'
    (Miyazaki, 08/05/2018)
    Workshop Program Committee Member: Monica Monachini (ILC-CNR)
  • ParlaCLARIN
    Workshop on the Collection, Analysis and Processing of Parliamentary Records
    (Miyazaki, 07/05/2018)
    Workshop Programme Committee Members: Monica Monachini (ILC-CNR) and Valeria Quochi (ILC-CNR)
  • LREC 2018
    11th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
    (Miyazaki, 07-12/05/2018)
    Conference Chair: Nicoletta Calzolari (ILC-CNR) | Conference Co-Organization: ILC-CNR
  • Master "The language of the law"
    (University of Pavia, Academic Year 2017-2018)