Training Seminar 24/01/2020

Language Resources in the world of Neural Networks
ILC-CNR - Aula Seminari IBF SG 5
With this seminar-lecture Prof. Núria Bel Rafécas will share her most recent experiences and know-how of the relation and importance that Language Resources bear with the hot technologies that are comprised under the umbrella term "Artificial Intelligence" and, more specifically, with Neural Networks.
The seminar also aims to be an occasion for reflection and confrontation on the future and role of Language Resources and their creators in relation to Artificial Intelligence applications on real-world tasks.
  • Introduction (5’)
    Monica Monachini (ILC-CNR)
  • Language Resources in the world of Neural Networks (50’)
    Núria Bel Rafécas (IULA-UPF)
  • Questions and Discussion (15’)
Núria Bel Rafécas
Núria Bel RafécasNúria Bel Rafécas, PhD, is Full Professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and Head of Research of the Technologies of Language Resources Group at the Institut de Lingüística Aplicada (IULA).
Her current lines of research are relating to the development of methodologies and tools for the automatic acquisition of Language Resources from text data.
Other areas of her interest are Machine Translation, Evaluation of Machine Translation and Language Resources for Natural Language Processing in general.
She has participated in more than 20 research projects funded at the European and national level relating to Language Resources - including MULTEXT (LRE62050), LSGRAM (LRE61029), PAROLE (LE2-4017), SIMPLE (LE4-8346), LIRICS (e-Content 22236), PANACEA (7FP-ITC-248064), METANET4U (CIP-PSP-270893) - as well as in two Infrastructures for the research in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences: CLARIN (FP7-INFRA-2007-1-212230) and DASISH (INFRA-2011-283646).
She has published about 100 papers and has been the supervisor of 10 PhD dissertations.
She has been a member of the Board of the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) since October 2016 and a member of the Executive Board of META-NET Network of Excellence since November 2013.
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