Starting the Second Cycle of the Permanent Seminar Cycle 'A bridge between two worlds' after the Summer Break

Thursday, 21 July 2022
ILC is pleased to announce that the Second Cycle (September-November 2022) of the Permanent Seminar Series A bridge between two worlds: the disciplines with a historical vocation and the DHs will kick off after the Summer break.
The Permanent Seminar Series, organized by ILC-CNR and DSU-UniVE under the patronage of DSU-CNR, VeDPH, CLARIN-IT, CLARIN, DiPText-KC and AIUCD, aims to constitute a place of encounter and constructive debate between scholars of the textual and linguistic disciplines with a historical vocation and scholars of Digital Humanities.
Ideally on a monthly basis, each meeting will put either two scholars (one for each “world”) or a speaker and a discussant (or more than one) into dialogue on a specific topic.
The ambition, in the medium and long term, is to bring the Permanent Seminar, through its promoters ILC-CNR, UniVE, AIUCD and CLARIN, to become a privileged meeting place to re-establish a closer relationship among those who study texts and languages ​​from a historicist perspective – whether they have a DH profile or they have a background and/or interests of a “traditional” type.
Further details on each Seminar of the Second Cycle will be available soon.
Stay tuned!