Seminar 12/07/2016

Validation of Ancient Greek WordNet: a point of contact between research and didactics
ILC-CNR - Aula Seminari IBF SG 5
The subject of the seminar is the illustration of the validation work of the Homeric Greek WordNet (HGWN), which was built starting from the Ancient Greek WordNet (AGWN) considering only the Homeric lexicon. During my internship I examined only some semantic fields (death, blood, war, enemy, following the  groupings by Paraskevaides 1984). The goal is to determine the degree of relevance of the Homeric terms under examination with the synsets they are associated to, in order to create a new lexical-semantic resource that can be useful for classical studies. Therefore, the method used and the most significant difficulties encountered will be set out, especially in adapting the WordNet, based on the language and thought system of Modern English, to the language and thought system of Ancient Greek. The resource can be used in different fields: in the first place, it may be useful at an educational level (already at a high school level), as well as for the lexicon-semantic analysis, also to help students to choose, in the course of the translation process, the best and more relevant solution. This work is part of a pilot project that aims at creating WordNets of the major classical authors, giving the resulting and interlinked WordNets a diachronic perspective.
Antonio Stanzione
Trainee @ CoPhiLab